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Icon customizer 0.1

Tue Jun 17, 2014, 2:01 PM
Windows 8.1 only…

This is the first working version that actually works, it has no GUI whatsoever and it's experimental...

So if you want to try this out unzip the zip and put the Icons folder in C:\Windows\Resources.
Then Run Iconcustomizer.exe and you're ready to go!

Now open a cmd prompt as admin and run the following command:
cd %temp%\iconcustomizer

After that you can install the included elementary(mod) theme with the following command:
install elementary

To restore the default icons run the following command:

You can also create your own icon theme by making a new folder in C:\Windows\Resources\Icons, Make sure the folder name has no spaces in it.

After that you can copy your icon files inside the folder and apply your icons with:
install youriconsfolder

Your icon pack does not need to include all icons you can also include just even one or two icons.

The program does not change the live folder icons yet, I'm working on it.

I hope it works fine and if someone is interested in helping me to bring this to the next level I would appreciate it.

Below you can see a overview of supported icons and the corresponding .ico files:

  • Explorer icon (explorer.ico)

  • Folder icons (folder.ico, folder-back.ico, folder-front.ico)

  • Windows harddrive (hdd-win.ico)
  • Hard drives (hdd.ico)
  • Optical drives (optical.ico)
  • USB drives (usb.ico)

  • Computer (computer.ico)
  • User folder (user.ico)
  • Trash (trash-full.ico, trash-empty.ico)
  • Network (network.ico)

  • Documents Library (library-documents.ico)*
  • Music Library (library-documents.ico)*
  • Pictures Library (library-documents.ico)*
  • Videos Library (library-videos.ico)*
  • New Library (library-new.ico)

  • Documents (documents.ico)
  • Music (music.ico)
  • Pictures (pictures.ico)
  • Videos (videos.ico)
  • Downloads (downloads.ico)
  • Contact (contact.ico)
  • Desktop (desktop.ico)
  • Searches (searches.ico)
  • Saved Games (saved games.ico)
  • One Drive (onedrive.ico)
  • Sky drive (skydrive.ico)
  • Favorites (favorites.ico)**
  • Links (links.ico)
*Library icons falls back to normal icons when not present as example: if library-documents.ico does not exist it will use documents.ico
**Keep in mind it's favorites.ico and not favourites.ico

Icon customizer link fixed

Tue May 27, 2014, 1:17 PM

Sorry for just posting the vbs file only accidentally.

Icon customizer (fixed link)

Tue May 27, 2014, 12:08 PM
I made a mistake by posting the wrong link, here's the correct one:

I tried to write a simple icon customizer myself since there are no good free alternatives as far I know that don't require editing system files.

This icon customizer works with registry modifications and desktop.ini modifications, so it does not modify any dll files.

This icon customizer does not modify the following icons yet:

-Recycle Bin
-User folder

These icons can be customized with a .theme file or in Control Panel\Appearance and Personalisation\Personalisation\Change desktop icons.

The following icons can be customized:

  • Explorer icon (explorer.ico)*

  • folder icons (folder.ico, folder-back.ico, folder-front.ico)

  • Hard drives (hdd.ico)
  • Optical drives (optical.ico)
  • USB drives (usb.ico)

  • Documents Library (library-documents.ico)**
  • Music Library (library-documents.ico)**
  • Pictures Library (library-documents.ico)**
  • Videos Library (library-videos.ico)**
  • New Library (library-new.ico)

  • Documents (documents.ico)
  • Music (music.ico)
  • Pictures (pictures.ico)
  • Videos (videos.ico)
  • Downloads (downloads.ico
  • Contact (contact.ico)
  • Desktop (desktop.ico)
  • Searches (searches.ico)
  • Saved Games (saved games.ico)
  • One Drive (onedrive.ico)
  • Sky drive (skydrive.ico)
  • Favourites (favorites.ico)***
  • Links (links.ico)

*Explorer icon fallback to folder icons when not present: if explorer.ico does not exist it will use folder.ico
**Library icons fallback to normal icons when not present as example: if library-documents.ico does not exist it will use documents.ico
***Keep in mind it's favorites.ico and not favourites.ico

How to install?

1.) Download the zip in the link on the top and extract the Icons folder to C:\Windows\Resources
2.) Place the Icons setup.vbs somewhere where you can always reach it, as example in your documents
3.) Double click the Icons setup.vbs
4.) You will see a popup, enter the number of the option you want and press enter or click ok
5.) When you get a popup asking for command prompt administrator permission click on yes
6.) Your icons will be installed in a mere few second and you will be greeted with a popup when done

Is there a icon theme included?

Yes the elementary icon theme ported by me has been included as a example icon theme.

How to create a icon theme myself?

Create a folder in C:\Windows\Resources\Icons and use a folder name that has no spaces.
Then copy your icons in the folder and name them based on the list above(The following icons can be customized).

Not all icons are necessary, you can even change just 1 icon by adding only downloads.ico as example in a folder called downloads.

Has it been tested?

It has been tested and developed on Windows 8.1 update 1, it has not been tested on windows 7 or windows 8, anyone willing to test it on these OS would be appreciated. This does not work on Windows Vista and older!

Any feedback would appreciated, this is just a testing version made out of a few scripts but if there's a interest from themers and other people I'll develop it further.

Glow has been updated

Mon Apr 22, 2013, 1:09 PM
Glow has been updated, windows 7 versions and new preview image will be there tomorrow ;)

Last day!

Tue Jan 29, 2013, 1:00 PM
One more day before the deskmodder-de contest ends!

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Deskmodder-de contest, Big prizes!

Thu Jan 17, 2013, 8:03 AM
The deskmodder-de contest this time gives away paid versions of Glow and premium memberships!

Make sure to check it out!

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Glow delayed...

Wed Jan 16, 2013, 1:15 PM
I decided to delay the Glow update in favor of a additional full transparant style, yes real aero :D
A screenshot will be posted soon and the style will be included in the paid Glow+ version ^^

A big thanks for Askvg for finaly finding the solution for real aero transparancy!

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Glow dark finished

Fri Jan 11, 2013, 11:45 AM
Glow dark has been finished, I just have to fix some very small details and a few bugs :D
(the up button will be themed trough shell32.dll which isn't done yet at the preview image)

Now I'm porting the dark glow theme also to widnows 7 (this would take not too much time since I can mostly just copy over the images and values)
Also I'm working on the high dpi versions which will be available in Glow+

And as last I wanted to say that I opened commisions on my profile page if anyone's interested, keep in mind I start working on comissions only after I've finished this update for Glow ;)

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Fri Dec 21, 2012, 7:32 AM
Windows 7 version is nearly done now, after it's finished I'll update Glow and Glow+ buyers will get the new Windows 7 version they were promised :D

Some more updates:
-The white line above apps that have custom borders has been removed.
-New taskbar.
-Close button looking bad on chrome has been fixed.(also on firefox where the issue occured without the Glow fix addon)
-Startmenu has been themed for people that use tools like 'start is back', same startmenu as in Windows 7 version.
-Some more details have been modified/improved.

Update will be available before the end of the year  :P

Also I would like to ask everyone to comment with their modification requests below so I can make sure those are done when I release the update* ^^

*Note: modifications require a paid Glow+ license.
If you have already requested a modification before please comment here with it again is possible since I can otherwise forgoet some people because of my note inbox amount...

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Portfolio website update

Sun Nov 25, 2012, 5:23 AM
I updated my portfolio site ^^

What do you think about it? better then before?

....And yeah the 'work' page is still empty xD

I also updated my avatar for those who haven't noticed yet ^^

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Glow updates

Sat Nov 3, 2012, 7:52 AM
-Just fixed white/black line above windows, Adobe, Steam etc.
-Making a better taskbar, mockup will be posted as a deviation.

This journal will be updated when needed.

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Mon Oct 29, 2012, 8:48 AM
Glow is open for modification for paid users now, if you've bought glow and want something changed or different don't hessistate and follow the instructions in teh README.txt.

I would also like to thank for everyone who's bought a paid version of glow up till now!

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Fri Oct 26, 2012, 12:14 PM
I would like to apologize, because of some technical issues Glow won't be released today (first version for free, for paid it's a update).
Sorry that you guys have to wait a another day :/

Expect it tommorow morning.

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Wallpapers have been selected!

Fri Oct 19, 2012, 3:37 AM
The wallpapers have been selected, here are the wallpapers that will be included with Glow:

Caelifera by theRealPadster

Pavement by Nokadota

Sunset by hoangnhat1996

Drop by hoangnhat1996

Frost by hoangnhat1996

If your wallpaper isn't included and you think it's good enough to be included send me a note ^^

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I'm looking for wallpaper artists!
I want to include 4 more wallpapers other then the default wallpaper in my next theme (Glow).

The wallpapers will be included with the free and paid versions.
You'll be paid $0,25 (trough paypal) for every paid version of Glow I sell .
You'll be credited in the description.
Free copy of Glow+ (obvious)

If you want to make some money and get your art more exposed this is the chance!

The wallpaper must follow the following guidelines:
-Use of stock images/pictures not made by yourself is not allowed.
-Based around 1 color

If you have any questions or work to show feel free to post a comment

If all 4 wallpaper are already chosen you still have a chance that I will include your wallpaper if you want but I can't pay you in that case.


I would like the following type of wallpapers:
--Buildings/City EDIT: Has been done by Nokadota
--Sky/Clouds- EDIT: Has been done by hoangnhat1996
-(under)Water/Sea  (This picture will be the default/main wallpaper used in the preview* ) EDIT: Has been done by hoangnhat1996
-Plants EDIT: Has been done by hoangnhat1996

Accepted entry's:
-Frost by hoangnhat1996
-Sunset by hoangnhat1996
-Pavement by Nokadota
-Drop by hoangnhat1996

So there is 1 place left, don't worry if you aren't selected you stil can be included upon request but I can't pay you in that case.

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Thanks! New email address.

Tue Aug 7, 2012, 4:21 AM
I would like the thank the anonymous deviant who just gave me a year of premium membership, with the remaining premium membership I already had I will for sure not run out of premium membership xD!

Also I wanted to inform everybody, I'm not dead :P, I'm waiting for windows 8 so I can make new VS's for it and I'm working on a CM9/10 theme(wip atm) :D

I forgot to tell I got a new email address: seahorsepip[at]
emails to my old email address will still be read but sending to my new address is recommended.

If you got me also on msn sent me a invite (seahorsepip[at] so you got my new msn!

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Today is the last day of the HDWorld group logo contest, with big prizes to win!
If you're interested in entering just join the group and enter your entry here:…

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My first deviantART journal skin!

Tue Oct 25, 2011, 1:08 PM
I tried to make my first minimal deviantart journal skin, YAY!

Do you guys like it?

And should I release it?

I've released it at

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Our design site Synthd has been launched!
It's a website where you can download forum skins for free and can request(buy) custom web designs for forums, payment system, wordpress, joomla etc whatever it is: We skin it!

Request a quote now and make provit of the launch prices!

Don't hassle for a moment and take a look at our site now !

I hope you like the site design!
Ey, I'm officially back since yesterday :D
So to the point: I search a desktop with a Intel i7 2600 Processor, 1+ TB HDD, NVIDIA GTS440 or better for less then €800,- (so cheap as possible)

Anybody has recommendations?